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Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace

To Buckingham Palace to Visit The Queen

My Royalist mother would have been smiling down at me from her seat on the right-hand side of God, as the taxi arrived to pick me up to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Today would have been her seventy-third birthday, so I hope she’s still smiling down at me as I write this little missive.

Bribery, God and Me

Bribery, God, and Me

I went to the office of the Lands Commission some weeks ago to register two plots of land I had recently bought as is a compulsory requirement of Ghanaian Conveyancing Law. But it soon became apparent that the gentleman handling the case would be doing so through his own private company.

Land Rover Defender 110 Jeep for Sale

In a Land Rover Defender, you always feel protected, no matter what the outside world pits against you. If you want to be safe on Ghana’s roads, paved or rough, this is the only car you need. Preferred by armies. Built to last. They don’t

Olive Baboons

White Man and The Baboon

The white man had tried to befriend the baboon at first, doing his best Doctor Dolittle impersonation. But the raging baboon leapt up at him with wild maddening eyes.

queen mother

Queen Mother Blues

Why are you destroying our sacred Shai Hills and selling it off to foreigners? They say, ‘Never you mind.’ But I’m the Queen Mother!–I protest. ‘You’re still a woman,’ they say.