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  • Queen Mother Blues

    queen mother

    Why are you destroying our sacred Shai Hills and selling it off to foreigners? They say, ‘Never you mind.’ But I’m the Queen Mother!–I protest. ‘You’re still a woman,’ they say.

  • Build Your Dream Home in Ghana

    Build Your Dream Home in Ghana

    Build your dream home in Ghana. Litigation-free registered land available for immediate development. Stunning views. Grab a piece of paradise before it’s too late.

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  • Was I Having a Nervous Breakdown?

    I thought moving to Ghana was a dream come true. But after only a week in the bright and stifling glow, the heat had not been kind. Was I having a nervous breakdown?

  • On being made redundant in Africa

    “Look at me when I’m talking to you,” she shouted across the office, thumping her fist on the desk with all our junior colleagues milling around listening. She’d been laying into me this past ten minutes for being $40,000 short on her end of year projection because the Finance Director gave her the wrong information, […]

    • Chinese Gold Miner Ghana
    • Kumasi Road
    • Burt Reynolds in Deliverance
    • Children from Village of the Damned
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