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About Paul Boakye

PAUL BOAKYE: Writer/Editor, Marketing Communications Executive and Sexual Health Promotion Specialist. Recipient of business and writing awards. The author of five plays published by Alexander Street Press, USA, and other accolades.

Paul Boakye with Francis

Walking Francis

If stopped on the street and asked, how many people could sum up what motivates them? I believe the answer is very few, and most of those that could do so because they love what they do. I am fortunate enough to be among them, and I can do so in just one word: creativity.

My creativity has driven everything I have done in my career to date; from playwright and screenwriter to researcher and health promoter, commentator and newspaper reviewer on BBC Television, publisher of a ground-breaking international lifestyle magazine, and my current venture, a social media and digital marketing agency.

Whatever I do in life, nothing gets the creative juices flowing as much as throwing yourself into every situation with verve and passion and learning to swim instead of sink. I guess that’s why I enjoy travelling to new places so much. I’ve been travelling since I was barely three-years-old, and this blog includes a lot of travel-related tales. I hope you enjoy it.

Do feel free to leave your comments against individual posts. I try to reply to as many of your comments as possible. You may also contact me for work-related matters.