Kojo off his dog food

Genetically Modified Dog Food

The white woman said her dog food was second to none. Made with real chicken pieces and not just chicken flavoring like the GM corn-based stuff I was feeding my dog. She’d put together a whole essay on it, “The Dangers of Genetically Modified Ingredients in Dog Food,” which she handed out to me as […]

Was I Having a Nervous Breakdown?

A Nervous Breakdown

I thought moving to Ghana was a dream come true. But after only a week in the bright and stifling glow, the heat had not been kind. Was I having a nervous breakdown?

Savile Row Suit

Savile Row Suit

Took my Savile Row suit to the dry cleaners. It’s the same suit I wore to meet The Queen at Buckingham Palace, so I’m that little bit attached to it.

Chorkor Boy playing in Filth

Chorkor Bola, Disease, and Poverty

Woke up last week with a hunger for sea food. So, we got in the car and headed toward Accra’s coastal communities. We are in search of fresh red lobster like my old man used to cook. On the radio ministers are talking about how Ghana is poised to contain and treat the Ebola virus. […]

Asiedu — The Watchman

The Watchman

The Watchman believes planes rise up like rockets until they reach another country way above Ghana. He wonders why the big jets leave trails of white plume behind in the sky. He says Russia is the furthest you can get from Accra, and he can’t fathom why countries in Europe don’t have power-cuts like we […]

Selfie Love

Learning to Love My Selfie

I have always hated having my picture taken! I’ve had an iPhone now for more than 5 years but this is the second selfie in all that time. My first selfie was a few months ago (when I was drunk). It wasn’t all that bad, but it caught me smiling and this time around, I […]


My God Wouldn’t Make Homosexuals

I was having a discussion with one of my regular taxi drivers the other day. We were on the subject of a depreciating Cedi, high levels of government misappropriation of funds and other social ills in Ghana, when he suddenly pointed to a man walking on the dirt road ahead, and says, “Look at that […]