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FELA! is a new musical directed and choreographed by Tony Award winner Bill T. Jones with a book by Jim Lewis, in which audiences are welcomed into the extravagant, decadent and rebellious world of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti.

Using his pioneering music (a blend of jazz, funk and African rhythm and harmonies), FELA! explores Kuti’s controversial life as artist, political activist and revolutionary musician.

Featuring many of Kuti’s most captivating songs and Bill T. Jones’s imaginative staging, this new show is a provocative hybrid of concert, dance and musical theatre. Like it? Leave a comment!

Fela!' on Broadway

Sahr Ngaujah plays the title character in this video still from the new Broadway musical. (“Fela!” on Broadway)

25 thoughts on “FELA! The Musical”

  1. SoulTooSoul says:

    Fela was one of the greatest and most influential African artist. In fact, like Bob Marley, Fela in death has become an icon. His Afrobeat sound has been discovered by a whole new generation. Fela was full of contradictions. He was militant, sexist, political, and a visionary. His sons Femi and Seun continue to carry on the Afrobeat tradition. This play is a testimony to Fela’s legacy. I had the opportunity to see Fela perform. Bill . Jones has made an iconoclast, (Fela) mainstream.

  2. TWIL says:

    i totally agree with you. The man was just the best. Never scared to say the truth. I considered him a philosopher!

  3. Bonitaymorena says:

    I agree I love his Music and I found out about him in 2006 when I watched a clip of the Essence awards giving a tribute to Mos Def and Dave Chapelle who started it off said that Mos taught him about Felo Kuti :)!! That’s when I first heard his name and found out about him and Afrobeat on youtube. I love the show!! I wanna go see it on broadway. I hope they come to Canada as well.

  4. pusher2009 says:

    Fela!!!!…. where are thou???.. u left too soon,,look @ the world appreciating ur music… Rest in Peace…

  5. nits says:

    wow greatshow , he was a revolutionary of his time

  6. omoibile says:

    THANK YOU! Can you post more please

  7. Fabian Thomas says:

    wow!!! LOVE this..I really want to see it

  8. pgonzo98 says:

    damn i want to see this!!!!!!!!!!! i live in ca. maybe it’ll come to L.A.

  9. Kyebaird says:

    This show does exactly what Fela lived for. It makes you want to go out “there” and change the world. “he who carrys death in his pocket, no man can kill” it doesnt get any better then this. The is Musical theater for a change! This is musical theater at its best!

  10. ndowney says:

    saw this a few weeks ago…amazing

  11. oakjazz says:

    “finkelsmak “, thanks for the response to “afroda3” who has spent so much time making the same comments on all videos about this broadway show.If you feel so bad about the show, could you please do something in tribute to Fela you think would be better. That will be much better than just condemning this great effort which is at least getting the word out about a great musical genius who deserved much more global recognition than he got when he was alive.

  12. blacknuss6 says:

    i saw the show wednesday night and was very impressed!! looks like j-z finally did something right ….

  13. troyndrsn says:

    i saw that show april 21,2010 on a school trip it was a beautiful show the ladies look so lovely as they dance, my friends were triping that jay-z was nowhere to be found

  14. sicas12 says:

    Fela! fantastic!!!

  15. iNsaNePiNk08 says:

    I Saw This Last Week It Was Amazing. I Even Got To Meet Some Of The Cast

  16. pearl1729 says:

    3 people who disliked are on the broadway 😀

  17. SoldjaMedic says:

    Yeah, real loser that Jay-Z -_-

  18. FGMGMF says:

    why did you erased my comment ?
    I just wanted to know what was the name of this wonderful song, now I know it’s “Everything scatter”. I just wanted the “real” fela’s version,
    > thecolorfultimes : you suck

  19. TheFawazy says:

    he tried sha…..but dere is a big difference btw his performance and felas..hope he does better wen he comes to naija…

  20. mhazenm says:

    I wish I had a chance to see this when I was in New York. It looks amazing!

  21. guiltyones12 says:


  22. zeromandismissal says:

    it is amazing

  23. MarissaBabiie says:

    Di story, I want to tell yuh, is a story about how tings are !! x2
    Wo wo wo wo wo =)

  24. eve1stgirl says:

    just saw this today. So amaaaazzing

  25. MeDewich says:

    Me and my mommy saw this yesterday, we even spoke to some of the ladies in the show, they were so nice.

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