The Lazy Way to Fitness: A 15-Minute Workout

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Yes, party harder, drink more and enjoy really good sex! Here’s The Paul Boakye’ fitness programme that will show you just how to do all that and get you healthier and fitter into the bargain as well. All this in no more than 15-minutes a day. And it’s fun too!

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If a beautiful body is what you’re after, go get with any activity that moves your bits and pieces about and makes your heart beat faster. For some, it can be cycling or walking to work, taking salsa classes or walking the dog. Regular exercise is regarded as body maintenance. I mean, don’t we all want to bounce back from that cold or last week’s office party? The good news is that a little exercise is better than none, and more exercise, up to a point, is better than less. If you have been anxious or even depressed about something important to you then get with the programme. Soon you’ll be oozing with self-confidence and all from 15 minutes a day! I challenge you to try this programme for six weeks and you’ll reap the rewards. Just think of it like your bank account; the harder you save, the healthier your balance will be.

Now you know, and I know, that we don’t need to go on about the benefits of eating a balanced diet – after all, readers are smart readers, right? I will stress to you to reduce the fat intake, eat more fruit and to be aware of smoking. If you are a smoker, I’m sure there’s the capacity to cut down a little. Damage control. Do be sure to have a go at as many new activities as you like.

The Body You Want in the Time You Have

Find something that engages you and can be integrated into your busy schedule. Now obviously not all activities will provide you with the same benefits and so variation is key. So let me add some variation to your routine with 15 minutes of daily damage control! (Done at any time of day that suits you).

You should always stretch before and after exercise and consult your GP before entering into any new physical activity especially if it’s been a while. I’ll start you off with some isometric exercises. These are maximal contractions with no movement, for example, a well-matched arm wrestle.

The Workout

  1. Upper back:
  2. Seated or standing, place your arms by your sides with palms forward, squeeze your shoulder blades together for 30 seconds.

  3. Stomach tightener:
  4. Next let’s try pulling your stomach in and clenching your cheeks (pelvic floor contraction). Squeeze those muscles hard and don’t hold your breath. 30 seconds.

  5. The thigh muscles:
  6. Simply straighten your leg at the knee and flex those thighs for 30 seconds. Alternate left and right legs, then both together.

  7. Arms of steel:
  8. With an almost straight arm, clench your fists and flex your biceps. Work through a few angles and you should feel the back of the arm (triceps) working too.

  9. Simple body presses:
  10. Lying face down on the floor with your palms down about shoulder width apart. Straighten your arms, raising upper body and hips from the floor, keeping knees in contact with the floor. Squeeze the buttocks and pull your stomach in. Try to maintain a smooth rhythm with no head movement and locking at the elbows.

  11. Heel sits with Mexican wave:
  12. Standing with feet shoulder width a part, bend at the hips and knees so that you are squatting (as if for the toilet) and you can rest your forearms on your thighs. From this squat position, push through your heels and stand up straight. Do not lock out at the knees. As you stand tall, press your arms up above your head bringing hands together. Now return to the squat position and repeat.

  13. Sit downs:
  14. Sitting with the soles of your feet flat on the floor, sit upright (stomach tight) with your arms straight out in front of you, resting your elbows on top of your knees. Without slouching, lower head and shoulders to the floor, allowing your arms to slide off your knees until you have fingertips on knees. Return to the start and then keep on going!

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Isometric work will raise your blood pressure so keep breathing as normal. Do try out these exercises, after all, what have you got to lose? A few pounds perhaps? With the last three manoeuvres, keep the speed of movement slow and smooth for starters. Gradually speed up the movement as the weeks progress.

Results will come, so stay positive and don’t be afraid to try out any other type of physical pursuit that you like the look of as well. Who knows, you might even enjoy it! REMEMBER: YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN!

Let us know how you get on…

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